The 2010 Wedding Trends have been released and I have had so much fun researching what the experts believe will be the hottest trends this upcoming year.  Let me share with you my favorite picks.   




  • Birdcage Veils – These shorter, chic veils are stunning paired with short, slick hairdos or Vintage styled gowns.  Are you a confident bride who can pull off this fabulous look?





  • Colors – Monochromatic palettes and Vibrant Colors of Orange, Yellow and Pink will be popular.  Even hotter will be the Metallic Colors of pewter, gold, bronze and silver.  Imagine pairing this color scheme in accents for your Glamour inspired wedding.






source The




  • Mismatched Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Your maids no longer need to suffer with cookie cutter dresses. Provide guidelines of color, formality and length.  Your bridesmaids will thank you for allowing them to wear dresses that are flattering to their figures!





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  • Buttercream Icing – Wow!  Aren’t we all thankful this delicious, rich and creamy topping on cakes is making a comeback!  As a bonus, buttercream icing is less costly than fondant.





source Brenda's Cakes



 Alternative Aisles – Create a circle aisle for your procession.  The bride will pass by every guest for a truly intimate ceremony.  The couple can enter from multiple spots and meet in the center.     






Karen Tran Florals as seen in Mix Mingle Glow




  • Backyard Weddings – Create a personal, intimate affair that allows you to focus on the details over the grandeur of the event.









Consider one or more of these wedding trends while planning your wedding for a truly personal and customized day.  Which trend will you embrace for 2010?  Let us know!   

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