Fall Wedding Outdoor Decor’

July 12, 2010

Indianapolis has beautiful fall weather that is perfect for your fall wedding!  The autumnal colors and crisp nights create the most romantic atmosphere.  Your guests will thank you for the mild temperatures and be inspired to dance the night away.

When planning your fall wedding decor, don’t forget to pay attention to the outside of your venue.  This will be the first impression your guests receive as they enter your reception and the sweet rememberance as they leave.  For this October wedding in Indianapolis at the Allison Mansion, Deborah Sheeran’s team placed hurricanes from the parking lot all the way to the porch entrance.  It was stunning!  The porch was decorated with pumpkins, berries and mums.  Two beautiful berry wreaths were hung with ivory silk ribbon on the doors and there were even curly willow branches with miniature twinkling lights flanking the doorway.  The sweetest touch was the monogrammed pumpkins that were carved by the groom for the bride.

If you would like some inspiration for your Fall Wedding, give us a call.  We would love to help you with the details to complete your beautiful Fall Wedding!

credits:  Allison Mansion, photo by Marty Davis.


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