Bridal Fitness

April 20, 2010

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I am so inspired by this photo and I hope you are also!  It seems like every conversation I have  had recently with  women always comes around to a discussion about weight and fitness.  As a bride, you have the best motivation to be your healthiest and most fit so you will feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.  Allow me to share my favorite fitness tips.

  1. Set a realistic goal.  Aim to lose 1-2 lbs per week.
  2. Set a deadline.  For example; give yourself 3 plus months to lose 15 lbs.  This allows time for set backs.
  3. Get Moving!  Aim for 3,  30 minute cardio sessions per week and 3 strength training sessions.  I have found a new joy in working out with weights.    By incorporating weights in your workout, you increase your metabolism throughout the day which gives you a benefit of burning calories all day long.
  4. Find a workout you enjoy.  My gym has classes in yoga, kick-boxing and hip-hop.  Sign up and go for it!
  5. Stay motivated by tracking your progress.
  6. Use your workout time to focus on you and de-stress.
  7. Find a food plan that works for you.  I have been a huge fan of Weight Watchers system.
  8. Drink your water – your complexion will glow.
  9. Find an accountability partner.
  10. Finally – our goal is not measured in a dress size, but a confidence that comes from being strong and fit.

Love and Hugs,