Highlight, Hide and Change with Specialty Lighting

 Today I attended an Association of Bridal Consultants meeting at the lovely Bridgewater Country Club in Carmel, Indiana.  I truly value education and staying current with wedding trends. 

Today, Scott Evans of Evans Audio Visual spoke to us about Specialty Lighting for weddings and events.  I have had the joy of using Evans Audio Visual for previous events and trust me; it makes a huge impact on your special event.

Evans Audio Visual prides themselves in customization.  No two events are the same.  You do not have to worry that your wedding will look like the one from last week-end. 

If you are having an Eco-Chic Green wedding, then you may want to consider the latest LED lighting.  These are computer controlled and are cool to the touch.  The waterproof lights also allow you to use this option outdoors.

Pinspotting each table and even double pinspotting really makes your centerpieces pop in the space.  You can wash your space with lighting for a beautiful glow and uplight features in a venue.  I love the idea of using lighting to direct your guests to the focal points.  Your monogram on the dance floor is a stunning focal point using gobos.  You can take this idea to the next level with Intelligent Lighting. 

The photos below are from a recent corporate sales event I planned.  Several forms of specialty lighting were used in this event.  Check out the fiber optic draping.  This would be a beautiful backdrop for your dance floor.


Contact Deborah Sheeran Weddings of Distinction to chat about the décor’ possibilities for your wedding using Specialty Lighting.



Please enjoy today’s guest writer, Erin Hession. Erin is an Indianapolis Photographer who specializes in wedding photography with a fun perspective. (http://www.erinhession.com) Not only is she amazingly talented, but I am blessed to call her my friend.

10 Tips for Looking Fabulous in Your Wedding Photos!  


1. Do a trial run with your hair stylist & make-up artist before the wedding. Look through the make-up artist’s portfolio and really look at each image. Does the client’s skin look flawless? Are they shiny in photos? Is the make-up blended well? Do the brides in their portfolios look the way you want to look? If so, then you’ve probably found a great make-up artist for your wedding day make-up. Have them do your make-up before the wedding though so that you can see if you enjoy working with them and so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Some make-up artists include a trial run in their wedding day fee, others charge extra, but I think it’s an extra expense that is well worth it. (This goes for your wedding day hairstylist too) Peace of mind is everything when it comes to your wedding day!2. Find a make-up artist that specializes in airbrush make-up. Airbrush make-up is no longer reserved for the red carpet stars! Brides all over the country are seeking airbrush application because not only is it light weight make-up that makes the skin appear flawless, but it lasts much longer than traditional make-up and it helps avoid the forehead shine in your photos. Karen Hall & Company specializes in airbrush make-up in Indianapolis and travels all over the Midwest and beyond for weddings, contact her today for a consultation and trial run!

3. Avoid red lipstick on the wedding day. Unless you are doing a very specific, themed look for your wedding (old Hollywood glam, for example) I always suggest that my brides avoid red lipstick, especially if they like the look of black and white photos. Not many people think about this, but the red pigments in the red lipstick will actually turn your lips black in black and white photography. Just another tip from a seasoned pro. 😉

4. Hire a full-time professional photographer. Everyone is looking for ways to save money on their wedding nowadays, especially in our current economic climate, but fabulous photography is absolutely priceless. A professional photographer will guide you through the entire wedding process with ease, know what to expect on the wedding day, have back-up equipment on them, be able to handle all kinds of lighting situations, and know how to pose you to make you look your absolute best. Did you know that by turning your body at an angle and shifting your weight to your back foot while pointing your other foot forward, you can instantly lose 10-20 pounds through the camera? Yep, it’s true. A seasoned pro should be able to tell you these kinds of tricks and secrets so that you look AMAZING in your photos.

5. Avoid salty foods at your rehearsal dinner. The night before your wedding is not the time to begin to feel like you’re retaining water! We all know how awful that feels so just remember to keep your salt intake low the night before the wedding so that your dress fits perfectly the next morning.

6. Remember to eat breakfast and stay hydrated! So many brides forget to eat the morning of their wedding or they don’t stay hydrated throughout the day. Most people get pretty cranky when their blood sugar is low or they begin to feel dehydrated so don’t forget to take care of yourself. We always bring a small cooler of cold waters and some granola bars with us to take care of our brides and grooms in case they forget to eat or drink, I think it’s the small things that mean the most. 😉

7. Bring a touch up kit with you on the wedding day. We always suggest that our clients include powder, lipstick, lip gloss, a comb and a mini can of hairspray in their touch-up kit or purse. Have your maid of honor be in charge of keeping it nearby in case you need a quick touch-up after the ceremony.

8. Wear comfortable shoes! I can’t tell you how many of our clients have been overly appreciative of the extra slippers that we include in our emergency kit once they realize that their shoes are killing their feet half way through photos. Make sure you wear your wedding day shoes around the house to break them in, and don’t forget to put grippy steps on the bottom of your shoes so that you don’t slip and fall down the aisle. Some brides opt to bring a second pair of shoes (or slippers, flip flops, etc) to the reception so that they can change their shoes after the grand entrance into the reception, which I think is a great idea!

9. Have someone carry your garter for you. Most of the garters that we’ve seen are really tight and totally uncomfortable. Put it on your leg for a photo during the getting ready process and then give it to a trusted friend (or put it in your purse/touch-up kit) to carry with you throughout the day, and then put it on right before the garter toss at the reception. That way you aren’t uncomfortable all day long.

10. Smile and have a good time! Laugh and let loose in front of the camera; just be yourself and show off that wonderful love that you have for each other. The happiness and affection will show through in the photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a wedding photographer, we invite you to check out our blog and contact us today to check availability and pricing.
(Travel welcome!)

email: erinhession@hotmail.comphone: 317-382-5264

web: http://www.erinhession.com


When you are planning for your wedding day hair, why not get inspiration from the Red Carpet?  It doesn’t matter if you are an Indianapolis Bride, a girl from the coast, the midwest or the south you can find inspiration from 2010 Red Carpet events such as the Oscars.  Check out the updo of Olivia and J Lo, the volume of Drew, the retro style of Katherine or the waves of Taylor and Cameron.  Perhaps one of these glamorous looks will inspire your wedding day style.  Enjoy!

Love and Hugs,


Would you like an opportunity to find the gown of your dreams at a remarkable price and make it possible for wishes to come true for women and men who are losing their fight against breast cancer?

The Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns is coming to Indianapolis Marriott downtown on May 22 & 23. Gowns have been donated by designers, retailers and individuals.   This event is free but it is advised to pre-register.  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to save money and make a difference in someone’s life.

Love and Hugs,


2009 BABC Tour of Gowns Indianapolis

Deborah volunteering at the 2009 BABC Indianapolis Tour of Gowns

Bridal Fitness

April 20, 2010

photo credit epicself.com

I am so inspired by this photo and I hope you are also!  It seems like every conversation I have  had recently with  women always comes around to a discussion about weight and fitness.  As a bride, you have the best motivation to be your healthiest and most fit so you will feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.  Allow me to share my favorite fitness tips.

  1. Set a realistic goal.  Aim to lose 1-2 lbs per week.
  2. Set a deadline.  For example; give yourself 3 plus months to lose 15 lbs.  This allows time for set backs.
  3. Get Moving!  Aim for 3,  30 minute cardio sessions per week and 3 strength training sessions.  I have found a new joy in working out with weights.    By incorporating weights in your workout, you increase your metabolism throughout the day which gives you a benefit of burning calories all day long.
  4. Find a workout you enjoy.  My gym has classes in yoga, kick-boxing and hip-hop.  Sign up and go for it!
  5. Stay motivated by tracking your progress.
  6. Use your workout time to focus on you and de-stress.
  7. Find a food plan that works for you.  I have been a huge fan of Weight Watchers system.
  8. Drink your water – your complexion will glow.
  9. Find an accountability partner.
  10. Finally – our goal is not measured in a dress size, but a confidence that comes from being strong and fit.

Love and Hugs,


Reasons to Love Winter Weddings Collage


Call me crazy, but I think there is something very romantic about a winter wedding.  Images of cuddling close with those you love, dramatic color schemes, faux fur stoles, beautiful photos with snow capped pine trees in the background and sipping hot beverages around a roaring fire.  There are reasons to celebrate every season and if you are getting married during the winter embrace it and each other!

Love and Hugs,


Enjoying Bridal Shows

January 3, 2010

How to ensure you have a FABULOUS time at Bridal Shows


As a newly engaged bride to be, you owe it to yourself to attend a bridal show or two.  They are fun and filled with valuable information.  You can gather inspiration, eat cake and get your wedding planning started.  Below are some tips to consider.


  • Register ahead of time – this will allow you to jump in the shorter line.
  • Leave your coat in the car and carry a handbag that will allow you to be hands free.
  • Take along someone in your support circle – your mom, your sister or your maid of honor.
  • Collect business cards and write notes on the back while the information is fresh in your mind.  You will be thankful later you took the time to do this.
  • Take your camera!  You will be amazed at the beautiful floral arrangements, exquisite cakes, thoughtful favors and gowns you will see.  Besides, I know you want to capture the moment with you and your mom/sis/maid of honor.  Your wedding is a process to be enjoyed throughout your engagement.  So snap away at all the pictures. 
  • My favorite tip is this – As a Perfect Wedding Guide Advertiser in Indianapolis, I can send a FREE admission ticket to the bride and groom for the Jan. 9th and 10th Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.  Just email me at Deborah.sheeran@yahoo.com

Remember, this is your time to savor being a bride to be.  Don’t feel pressured to plan your wedding in one day.  Take it all in and get inspired. 

Love and Hugs,


“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live” – anonymous

ornament source:  weddingish.com



The 2010 Wedding Trends have been released and I have had so much fun researching what the experts believe will be the hottest trends this upcoming year.  Let me share with you my favorite picks.   




  • Birdcage Veils – These shorter, chic veils are stunning paired with short, slick hairdos or Vintage styled gowns.  Are you a confident bride who can pull off this fabulous look?


source birdcageveil.com



  • Colors – Monochromatic palettes and Vibrant Colors of Orange, Yellow and Pink will be popular.  Even hotter will be the Metallic Colors of pewter, gold, bronze and silver.  Imagine pairing this color scheme in accents for your Glamour inspired wedding.






source The Knot.com




  • Mismatched Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Your maids no longer need to suffer with cookie cutter dresses. Provide guidelines of color, formality and length.  Your bridesmaids will thank you for allowing them to wear dresses that are flattering to their figures!





source The Knot.com




  • Buttercream Icing – Wow!  Aren’t we all thankful this delicious, rich and creamy topping on cakes is making a comeback!  As a bonus, buttercream icing is less costly than fondant.





source Brenda's Cakes



 Alternative Aisles – Create a circle aisle for your procession.  The bride will pass by every guest for a truly intimate ceremony.  The couple can enter from multiple spots and meet in the center.     






Karen Tran Florals as seen in Mix Mingle Glow




  • Backyard Weddings – Create a personal, intimate affair that allows you to focus on the details over the grandeur of the event.





source younghouselove.com




Consider one or more of these wedding trends while planning your wedding for a truly personal and customized day.  Which trend will you embrace for 2010?  Let us know!   

Love and Hugs,    


Sources:  Get Married, About. Com    








January 27, 2009

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