With Fall comes the dropping of temperatures, with cool crisp nights. This gives a bride and groom an opportunity to embrace the flavors of fall when planning their menu.  Perhaps you will consider serving a spiced wine or mulled cider.  During the cocktail hour try spiced nuts, seasoned popcorn or warm pretzels with a variety of mustards. 

Instead of a salad, offer soup as a starter.  In the photo above, butternut squash soup is served in a hollowed out pumpkin.  Roasted pork, wild rice with pecans and dried cranberries along with hearty rolls will delight your guests with the delicious flavors of Autumn.

Fall is the perfect time to serve denser, richer cakes – so don’t be afraid to choose decadent chocolate!

If you are planning your reception to go into the wee hours, why don’t surprise your guests with a midnight treat?  Try this trio from the Knot:  Caramel coated apples on a cinnamon stick,  fresh doughnuts suspended on a demitasse spoon over a glass of milk and a miniature apple pie a la mode.  YUM!

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photo credits cake by divine weddingcakes,  roasted nuts, coffee with caramel disks and beverage with doughnuts by martha stweart, rice in hollowed pumpkin by slowfood, butternut squash soup in pumpkin by pollsb.com

I had so much fun creating this collage – doesn’t everyone enjoy an edible favor?  When planning your Fall wedding, think of custom cookies with your monograms, packaged beautifully with ribbon in your wedding color.  You can even enhance the cookie with seasonal flavors such as spice, apple or pumpkin. 

Who can resist a caramel or candy apple?  Indiana Brides are blessed with plenty of orchards who create irresistable apple treats. 

The brownie treats and popcorn balls can be a great DIY project for you and your maids if you are so inclined.

Be creative with design and placement of your escort cards.  The leaf motif above on the woodgrained paper beautifully demonstrates the textures of Fall.  If you are planning a rustic Fall Wedding, let the wrought iron gate with placecards inspire you.

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Everyone knows it is the details that make the difference.  The decor’ options are limitless with the Fall Season.  You can incorporate fruits such as apples, pears or pomegranates.  Everyone thinks of pumpkins for seasonal touches, but take that element to another level by selecting pumpkins and gourds of many varieties and colors, such as the mini ghost pumpkin.  You can even gild your gourds or monogram them!

Using rich colors in your Fall Wedding Decor such as burgundy, rusts, oranges, greens and golds will be a beautiful backdrop to any element you layer over.  Wrought iron is a classic choice for a finish for your menu and table holders, lanterns and easels.  Galvanized buckets are a rustic option to house chocolate favors or even your sparkler send offs.

Candlelight used generously will lift your reception to a beautiful amber glow.  Think of paths outside, window ledges, hallways, mantles in addition to the votives you display on your guests tables.

Don’t forget to enhance your doorways with monogrammed letters hung with silk ribbon or beautiful wreaths you can give as gifts after your wedding.

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credits: photos from Martha Stewart.com and The knot.com

Indianapolis has beautiful fall weather that is perfect for your fall wedding!  The autumnal colors and crisp nights create the most romantic atmosphere.  Your guests will thank you for the mild temperatures and be inspired to dance the night away.

When planning your fall wedding decor, don’t forget to pay attention to the outside of your venue.  This will be the first impression your guests receive as they enter your reception and the sweet rememberance as they leave.  For this October wedding in Indianapolis at the Allison Mansion, Deborah Sheeran’s team placed hurricanes from the parking lot all the way to the porch entrance.  It was stunning!  The porch was decorated with pumpkins, berries and mums.  Two beautiful berry wreaths were hung with ivory silk ribbon on the doors and there were even curly willow branches with miniature twinkling lights flanking the doorway.  The sweetest touch was the monogrammed pumpkins that were carved by the groom for the bride.

If you would like some inspiration for your Fall Wedding, give us a call.  We would love to help you with the details to complete your beautiful Fall Wedding!

credits:  Allison Mansion, photo by Marty Davis.