Hire a Professional Wedding Planner.  The earlier in the planning process the more opportunity you have to save money by avoiding costly mistakes. 

Don’t make any wedding planning decisions without careful consideration to your Guest List.  Why is this? Your guest count will determine the size ceremony and reception venue that will fit your need.  And while you are determining your guest count; consider reducing your guest count as this is the easiest way to control your Budget.

Budget.  Have an honest discussion with family.  How much, if any will parents be contributing?  How much are you two able to save?  Open a dedicated account for wedding expenses.  Don’t start shopping until you have established your budget and determined how you will allocate your funds.  You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse later realizing you have run out of money before you have secured your most important selections.

Determine your Wedding Style.  Peruse online sources and bridal publications.  Clip photos that catch your eye.  Your Wedding Planner can assist you in determining your style and even create an Inspiration Board that captures your vision of the Perfect Wedding Day.

Get Organized.  Create a binder or filing system to keep your contracts, correspondence, meeting notes and pictures in one place.

This list will get you started.  Enjoy this amazing time in your life.  Celebrate your love.  Look on the positive side – No Matter What Happens.  Mind Your Manners and have a heart of gratitude to all who will stand by you and want to help.  You are not just planning a wedding but a future life together so keep it all in perspective. 

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With Fall comes the dropping of temperatures, with cool crisp nights. This gives a bride and groom an opportunity to embrace the flavors of fall when planning their menu.  Perhaps you will consider serving a spiced wine or mulled cider.  During the cocktail hour try spiced nuts, seasoned popcorn or warm pretzels with a variety of mustards. 

Instead of a salad, offer soup as a starter.  In the photo above, butternut squash soup is served in a hollowed out pumpkin.  Roasted pork, wild rice with pecans and dried cranberries along with hearty rolls will delight your guests with the delicious flavors of Autumn.

Fall is the perfect time to serve denser, richer cakes – so don’t be afraid to choose decadent chocolate!

If you are planning your reception to go into the wee hours, why don’t surprise your guests with a midnight treat?  Try this trio from the Knot:  Caramel coated apples on a cinnamon stick,  fresh doughnuts suspended on a demitasse spoon over a glass of milk and a miniature apple pie a la mode.  YUM!

The team at Deborah Sheeran Weddings of Distinction is ready to help you create the Fall Wedding of your Dreams.  Contact us today.

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photo credits cake by divine weddingcakes,  roasted nuts, coffee with caramel disks and beverage with doughnuts by martha stweart, rice in hollowed pumpkin by slowfood, butternut squash soup in pumpkin by pollsb.com


When you are planning for your wedding day hair, why not get inspiration from the Red Carpet?  It doesn’t matter if you are an Indianapolis Bride, a girl from the coast, the midwest or the south you can find inspiration from 2010 Red Carpet events such as the Oscars.  Check out the updo of Olivia and J Lo, the volume of Drew, the retro style of Katherine or the waves of Taylor and Cameron.  Perhaps one of these glamorous looks will inspire your wedding day style.  Enjoy!

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