Everyone knows it is the details that make the difference.  The decor’ options are limitless with the Fall Season.  You can incorporate fruits such as apples, pears or pomegranates.  Everyone thinks of pumpkins for seasonal touches, but take that element to another level by selecting pumpkins and gourds of many varieties and colors, such as the mini ghost pumpkin.  You can even gild your gourds or monogram them!

Using rich colors in your Fall Wedding Decor such as burgundy, rusts, oranges, greens and golds will be a beautiful backdrop to any element you layer over.  Wrought iron is a classic choice for a finish for your menu and table holders, lanterns and easels.  Galvanized buckets are a rustic option to house chocolate favors or even your sparkler send offs.

Candlelight used generously will lift your reception to a beautiful amber glow.  Think of paths outside, window ledges, hallways, mantles in addition to the votives you display on your guests tables.

Don’t forget to enhance your doorways with monogrammed letters hung with silk ribbon or beautiful wreaths you can give as gifts after your wedding.

Love and Hugs,


credits: photos from Martha Stewart.com and The knot.com