Planning Your Wedding Style

January 14, 2011

One of the areas I absolutely love about being a wedding planner is design.  Planning your Wedding Style or creating a wedding style is key to a beautiful cohesive experience for you and your guests.  The time you and your groom spend in the beginning considering your style will result in money saved because you won’t be tempted to purchase every cute wedding item you see in the local craft store.  More importantly, defining and Planning for your Wedding Style will result in the wedding of your dreams that expresses your personality.

Do your homework

How do you start?  I encourage couples to spend time alone talking about their vision and what’s most important to them.  Write out adjectives that describe you as a couple and adjectives that describe the experience you want on your wedding day.  Consider what you already enjoy as activities.  Do you travel?  Are you adventurous?  Are you foodies?  Movie Buffs?  Fitness enthusiasts?  How do you spend a Saturday night?  Do you long to stay in and snuggle or are you dying to check out the newest restaurant or club in town?  What unites you as a couple that you want to share with your guests?  Do you share the same faith?  Attend the same college? Were you high school sweethearts?  Love of the same sports or favorite team?  How about the love of all things Chocolate or Coffee because your initial dates were at the local coffee house? 

Collect Images

Once you have these conversations look for photos online or in bridal magazines.  Collect lots of images and you will start to see patterns emerge.  You can even create an Inspirational Board.  Style Me Pretty has a great tool to build an online inspirational board.

There are labels of wedding styles that exist currently:  Traditional, Modern, Vintage, Old Hollywood, Green Weddings, Trendy, Glamorous, Retro, Simple Elegance, Romantic and more.  Don’t worry too much about labeling your style because these words may not define you.  It’s fresh to take elements from existing styles and add a twist to create your own Distinctive Style.

Consider Color

Always consider color when Planning your Wedding Style. Color is actually the easiest tool to express your Wedding Style.  Analogous colors are compatible colors that have a calming effect.  When you think of analogous colors, picture the colors of a sunset or the foliage of Fall leaves.  These colors are next to each other on the color wheel.  If you want a bold statement for your wedding style you may be drawn to Complementary colors that are vibrant and give off energy.  Once you decide on your color scheme use design principles to keep your look cohesive and intentional – repeat a color at least 3 times and group items in odd numbers.

Planning Your Wedding Style will allow you to focus in on only the selections that will express your love story.  Future posts will expand how Your Wedding Style will be demonstrated and experienced.  Have fun discovering who you are and remember it’s your wedding, so tell your story!

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In a previous post we talked about some initial wedding planning steps to take once you have gotten engaged.  Today we are going to chat about Setting Your Wedding Date.  I’ll list some guidelines to consider but not all of them will apply to you.  I always ask my brides and grooms to discuss their 3 top non-negotiable desires/categories for their wedding.  Once you know what is most important to you and your groom for your wedding you can use this approach with all of your wedding planning decisions.

Availability of Locations and Wedding Vendors

Do you want to return to your hometown and get married in the church you grew up attending?  Is there a venue that will help express your overall vision for your reception? If you have your heart set on a specific ceremony and/or reception venue, check the availability of these first before scheduling your perfect wedding date.  Perhaps your wedding photos are one of your top three non-negotiable items.  You will want to check with the availability of your desired photographer(s).  Maybe you want to rock it out at your reception with a very popular band.  Again, check the availability.  Remember popular locations and popular wedding vendors will book quickly.


Scheduling your wedding date around holidays and popular 3 day week-ends can be tricky.  Only you know your family – will they see this as a benefit because there is an extra day to travel, or will you need to be sensitive to family members who may not want to give up their holiday week-ends such as Labor Day, Memorial Day and July 4th to share in your wedded bliss? Be aware that floral costs are higher on Valentines Day and Mother’s Day week-ends.  This is where your discussion of what is most important comes to play.  If you have your heart set on a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, then you will be prepared to allot more funds to your floral budget.  During the Christmas holiday season, brides reap the benefit of beautifully decorated ceremony locations and venues.


Do you want an outdoor ceremony or reception?  Have you dreamed about a destination wedding on an island?  Do you long for the beautiful foliage the Fall season provides or the tulips and daffodils of Spring?  Then you will need to consider all the weather elements of rain, hurricanes of the islands and high humidity of our beloved Indianapolis.  I found this awesome tool on  You enter your zip code and it populates with data on the warmest, coolest, driest months, along with the most cloudy and sunny days!


How much money can you set aside monthly for your wedding budget?  If you fall short of the total wedding budget that is needed you can push your wedding date out to allow more time to save.  Look for future posts on additional tips related to wedding budgets.

Locality Conflicts

Does your city host annual special events, conventions or sporting events that draw huge crowds?  These events may cause hotels to raise their prices or be blacked out for your guests, along with congestion in traffic that could present challenges on your wedding day.  Indianapolis brides and grooms may want to avoid the week-ends of the FFA convention, the Indianapolis 500 festival week-end and the Super Bowl 2012.

Select a date with Significance

Do you have a date that symbolizes your love story?  Perhaps you will consider selecting the anniversary of your first date or the date you proclaimed your love.  Selecting your wedding date is one of the first decisions of many you will make as an engaged couple.  Happy Wedding Planning!

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Are you looking for a fun and unique way to ask your friends to be in your bridal party?  Check out these adorable edible cards from the Wedding Stand.   You can customize the cookies with your colors and attach beautiful ribbon and hangtags.  You can have cookies created for your bridesmaids, your groomsmen and even your ringbearer and flower girl.

Edible Bridesmaid Invitation

Edible Bouquet Bridesmaid Invite

Check out these edible cookies and much more at

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Hire a Professional Wedding Planner.  The earlier in the planning process the more opportunity you have to save money by avoiding costly mistakes. 

Don’t make any wedding planning decisions without careful consideration to your Guest List.  Why is this? Your guest count will determine the size ceremony and reception venue that will fit your need.  And while you are determining your guest count; consider reducing your guest count as this is the easiest way to control your Budget.

Budget.  Have an honest discussion with family.  How much, if any will parents be contributing?  How much are you two able to save?  Open a dedicated account for wedding expenses.  Don’t start shopping until you have established your budget and determined how you will allocate your funds.  You don’t want to have buyer’s remorse later realizing you have run out of money before you have secured your most important selections.

Determine your Wedding Style.  Peruse online sources and bridal publications.  Clip photos that catch your eye.  Your Wedding Planner can assist you in determining your style and even create an Inspiration Board that captures your vision of the Perfect Wedding Day.

Get Organized.  Create a binder or filing system to keep your contracts, correspondence, meeting notes and pictures in one place.

This list will get you started.  Enjoy this amazing time in your life.  Celebrate your love.  Look on the positive side – No Matter What Happens.  Mind Your Manners and have a heart of gratitude to all who will stand by you and want to help.  You are not just planning a wedding but a future life together so keep it all in perspective. 

Love and Hugs,


With Fall comes the dropping of temperatures, with cool crisp nights. This gives a bride and groom an opportunity to embrace the flavors of fall when planning their menu.  Perhaps you will consider serving a spiced wine or mulled cider.  During the cocktail hour try spiced nuts, seasoned popcorn or warm pretzels with a variety of mustards. 

Instead of a salad, offer soup as a starter.  In the photo above, butternut squash soup is served in a hollowed out pumpkin.  Roasted pork, wild rice with pecans and dried cranberries along with hearty rolls will delight your guests with the delicious flavors of Autumn.

Fall is the perfect time to serve denser, richer cakes – so don’t be afraid to choose decadent chocolate!

If you are planning your reception to go into the wee hours, why don’t surprise your guests with a midnight treat?  Try this trio from the Knot:  Caramel coated apples on a cinnamon stick,  fresh doughnuts suspended on a demitasse spoon over a glass of milk and a miniature apple pie a la mode.  YUM!

The team at Deborah Sheeran Weddings of Distinction is ready to help you create the Fall Wedding of your Dreams.  Contact us today.

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photo credits cake by divine weddingcakes,  roasted nuts, coffee with caramel disks and beverage with doughnuts by martha stweart, rice in hollowed pumpkin by slowfood, butternut squash soup in pumpkin by

I had so much fun creating this collage – doesn’t everyone enjoy an edible favor?  When planning your Fall wedding, think of custom cookies with your monograms, packaged beautifully with ribbon in your wedding color.  You can even enhance the cookie with seasonal flavors such as spice, apple or pumpkin. 

Who can resist a caramel or candy apple?  Indiana Brides are blessed with plenty of orchards who create irresistable apple treats. 

The brownie treats and popcorn balls can be a great DIY project for you and your maids if you are so inclined.

Be creative with design and placement of your escort cards.  The leaf motif above on the woodgrained paper beautifully demonstrates the textures of Fall.  If you are planning a rustic Fall Wedding, let the wrought iron gate with placecards inspire you.

Keep checking Deborah Sheeran’s Wedding of Distinction Blogs for more Fall Wedding Inspiration.

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The Fall Wedding Season is just weeks away……………..

 Are you planning a Fall Wedding?  It is quite warm in Indianapolis this week and we at Deborah Sheeran Weddings of Distinction are loving the summer wedding season!  However………Fall is just around the corner, so if you need some inspiration, let me share some photos of an event we planned last Fall. 

Favors from the Best Chocolate in Town!!

Fall centerpiece with roses and calla lillies

Fall Centerpiece with Curly Willow


 Contact Deborah Sheeran Weddings of Distinction for more inspiration for your Fall Wedding.
credits:  photography by Erin Hession Photography, floral designs created by Royal Creations, Linens from BBJ, favors provided by the Best Chocolate in Town.




When you are planning for your wedding day hair, why not get inspiration from the Red Carpet?  It doesn’t matter if you are an Indianapolis Bride, a girl from the coast, the midwest or the south you can find inspiration from 2010 Red Carpet events such as the Oscars.  Check out the updo of Olivia and J Lo, the volume of Drew, the retro style of Katherine or the waves of Taylor and Cameron.  Perhaps one of these glamorous looks will inspire your wedding day style.  Enjoy!

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Reasons to Love Winter Weddings Collage


Call me crazy, but I think there is something very romantic about a winter wedding.  Images of cuddling close with those you love, dramatic color schemes, faux fur stoles, beautiful photos with snow capped pine trees in the background and sipping hot beverages around a roaring fire.  There are reasons to celebrate every season and if you are getting married during the winter embrace it and each other!

Love and Hugs,


Enjoying Bridal Shows

January 3, 2010

How to ensure you have a FABULOUS time at Bridal Shows


As a newly engaged bride to be, you owe it to yourself to attend a bridal show or two.  They are fun and filled with valuable information.  You can gather inspiration, eat cake and get your wedding planning started.  Below are some tips to consider.


  • Register ahead of time – this will allow you to jump in the shorter line.
  • Leave your coat in the car and carry a handbag that will allow you to be hands free.
  • Take along someone in your support circle – your mom, your sister or your maid of honor.
  • Collect business cards and write notes on the back while the information is fresh in your mind.  You will be thankful later you took the time to do this.
  • Take your camera!  You will be amazed at the beautiful floral arrangements, exquisite cakes, thoughtful favors and gowns you will see.  Besides, I know you want to capture the moment with you and your mom/sis/maid of honor.  Your wedding is a process to be enjoyed throughout your engagement.  So snap away at all the pictures. 
  • My favorite tip is this – As a Perfect Wedding Guide Advertiser in Indianapolis, I can send a FREE admission ticket to the bride and groom for the Jan. 9th and 10th Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.  Just email me at

Remember, this is your time to savor being a bride to be.  Don’t feel pressured to plan your wedding in one day.  Take it all in and get inspired. 

Love and Hugs,


“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live” – anonymous

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